Free Label Templates


Before you choose your labels, please consider the type of printer you are using. As a rule of thumb, Laser printers, as well as toner based photocopiers are suitable for all label types. Most people at home however may use an Inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are not suitable for our Gloss, Metallics or Fluorescent labels.

Within Microsoft® Word, there is a simple label program which helps you position the print.

To find this, go to: Tools > Letters and Mailings. Then under options, you can select the label layout if you know the Avery® code. We highlight these codes in the table below and in all our product descriptions.

However, to make things easier Stock Labels has produced the table below where you can simply download a .doc or .pdf file to help you print on labels.

Rectangular Labels

No. Per Sheet Size (MM) Compatible Code Word Template PDF Template
1 200 x 289 L7167® 1up.doc 1up.pdf
2 200 x 143 L7168® 2up.doc 2up.pdf
4 99 x 139 L7169® 4up.doc 4up.pdf
6 99 x 93 L7166® 6up.doc 6up.pdf
8 99 x 68 L7165® 8up.doc 8up.pdf
10 99 x 57 L7173® 10up.doc 10up.pdf
12 63 x 72 L7164® 12up.doc 12up.pdf
14 99 x 38 L7163® 14up.doc 14up.pdf
16 99 x 34 L7162® 16up.doc 16up.pdf
18 63 x 47 L7161® 18up.doc 18up.pdf
21 63 x 38 L7160® 21up.doc 21up.pdf
24 63 x 34 L7159® 24up.doc 24up.pdf
40 46 x 25 L7654® 40up.doc 40up.pdf
65 38 x 21 L7651® 65up.doc 65up.pdf
189 25 x 10 L6008® 189up.doc 189up.pdf

Round Label Stickers

No. Per Sheet Size (MM) Avery Code Template.doc Template.pdf
6 88 Round   round 88mm round 88mm
12 63 Round L7670® round 63mm round 63mm
15 51 Round   round 51mm round 51mm
35 37 Round   round 37mm round 37mm
70 25 Round   round 25mm round 25mm
117 19 Round   round 19mm round 19mm
216 13 Round   round 13mm round 13mm

Square Label Stickers

No. Per Sheet Size (MM) Template.doc Template.pdf
12 64mm x 64mm square 12.doc square 12.pdf
35 37mm x 37mm square 35.doc square 35.pdf
70 25mm x 25mm square 70.doc square 70.pdf

Oval Label Stickers

No. Per Sheet Size (MM) Template.doc Template.pdf
2  139 x 195   Oval 2.doc  Oval 2.pdf
4  65 x 134  Oval 4.doc  Oval 4.pdf
6  92 x 76  Oval 6.doc  Oval 6.pdf
10  55 x 75  Oval 10.doc  Oval 10.pdf
13  100 x 37  Oval 13.doc  Oval 13.pdf
16  48 x 70  Oval 16.doc  Oval 16.pdf
20  40 x 50  Oval 20.doc  Oval 20.pdf

How to print on labels

  • Laser and Inkjet printer have an accuracy of +/- 1mm, so make sure you leave a good margin around your design or text to allow for this.
  • If the print does not line up perfectly, adjust the page margins. This can be done in the 'Page Settings' section under the 'File' tab.
  • Water in the label adhesive can evaporate when used in hot printers, so we don't suggest printing the same sheet more than once.
  • Do not put a sheet of labels through the printer with some labels missing. This can cause jams.
  • Always feed your labels in Portrait (narrow edge) as this is the direction of the grain (like wood) and ensures the strength of the label is retained.

All trademarks are fully recognised, including Microsoft and the Avery Dennison group. The Avery label codes can be found in many software programs.